Dividends & Share Price
The Company is a listed company, according to authorities permit period will require periodic disclosure of financial information for the investing public, please link directly to the Taiwan Stock ExchangeM.O.P.S.,Enter Symbol1445,To obtain the company's latest quarterly and annual reports, turnover and other relevant information。
Share price
1. 由公開資訊觀測站 的『股東會及股利-->股利分派情形-董事會通過』取得本公司股利資訊。
2. 由公開資訊觀測站的『股東會及股利-->股利分派情形-經股東會確認』取得本公司股利資訊。
台灣證券交易所的『 大宇各日成交資訊 』 取得本公司股價資訊。