About Us
Founded in 1969,Universal Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional fabric manufacturer in Taiwan. We have been devoted our efforts to enhancing quality assurance and innovation in fashion. Further, we established texturizing factory in 1998 to control and deal with supplies of raw materials much more efficient. In order to strengthen our operational structure, we decided to issue our Initial Public Offering In 1991

Quality Assurance
“Quality is our life”. We strive to be the best not only for quality of products, but for every detail of works, to provide and satisfy customers with great quality and services.

ISO50001 Certificate

With serious concern on Global warming, we devote ourselves to development of Eco-friendly products, and hope to provide our efforts on protection to the Earth.


Our vision
Corporate Social Responsibility, such as Human rights of employees and environmental protection, is always the most concerned subject all over the world. The core values of Universal consist in Integrity, Quality, Innovation, and Service, which are able to bring common ideas and values to everyone in Universal, and to accomplish the goal of sustainability.