R & D
Universal Textile Co., Ltd. Has two factories in Taoyuan and one factory in Changhwa. In Taoyuan, there are 72 units of Rapier four shuttle looms, 192 units of air jet type four shuttle looms from PICANOL, Belgium, 72 units of water jet type two shuttle looms from TSUDAKOMA, Japan which contribute 45,000,000 MT filament polyester per year ;

In addition to 336 units of looms, the yarn factory in Changpin owns 16 units of textured machines of 33H High Speed Friction M Type from MURATA, Japan as well as 4 units of ATF-21F High Speed Friction V Type from TMT, Japan, which are capable of supplying 33,000 tons per year.
Cloth factory
Weaving Factory - R & D

With the change of industry structure and the demand of consumers in global developed countries, the way how factories manufacture has changed from single specification for mass production into a direction which emphasize on the advantage of information integration, real-time and flexible production, together with global operation marketing-oriented in a accelerating speed.
In order to get rid of plight when facing low price competition in south-east asia and China area, to respond to the giant change environment, severe market competition and the age of high price row material, Universal Textile cooperated with Textile Federation, Textile Research Institute multilateral cooperation to enhance the marketing force and the product international exposure rate; meanwhile, reduce the cost of product development to enhance the profit.
To meet the customers requirement in each region, Universal Textile business planner and R&D will investigate the market demand and the latest trend and prompt response by technical innovation, such as row material integration, weaving, dyeing, multi-level processing.

The key to our success in R & D rely on the perfect cooperation so called “Golden Triangle”.

    Ultimate goal:
  • Expanding new market, customer and product.
  • Consolidating cooperate R & D relationship with existing customers.
  • Understanding the demand of final customer
  • Seeking for technological cooperation partner.
  • Promoting the image of R & D innovation
R & D Management
Spinners - R & D Management
  • Universal Textile factory in Changpin Industrial Park owns 16 units false twisting machine, including standard machine 4, Double zero axis 8, S + Z machine 4. In 2011 we purchased four Japan TMT false twisting machine to raise production capacity.
  • Strengthen the cooperation with upstream and downstream to develop high value-added product to raise the value of output and to excess competitor by high quality.
  • Keeping close communication with domestic and foreign well-known leading academic research institutions, professional and technical staff to update and exchange the latest technology. By accelerating the work flow process , constantly learning, research and testing, we could ensure the quality meet the change of customers’ demand and match the market trend.
  • Automation Management
    Automated management

    Universal Textile factory in Changpin Industrial Park take standard operation procedure, inculding tension control system, automatic doffing system, automatic transfer load handling system, automatic packaging systems, automatic storage systems and other equipment to reduced labor costs and help improve productivity and quality.